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Month: February 2023


Vitalpax Launches New Clinical Supplement Line

LA VERKIN, UT – Vitalpax is excited to announce the launch of their new clinically validated supplement line featuring 11 pharmacist-developed formulations. These products aim to provide consumers with more accessible and affordable health solutions, as opposed to OTC or prescription options which can be expensive or difficult to purchase. With the rising cost of


Supporting Cognitive & Mental Health

Top Contract Manufacturer in the US Same day Quote Brain and cognitive health is an aspect of wellness that has come into focus during and after the pandemic. Vitalpax is the best partner to help you create your own cognitive health supplement and navigate this market. As the world continues to recover from the COVID-19


The Rising Demand for Prebiotic Supplements

Top Contract Manufacturer in the US Same day Quote The prebiotic supplement industry is expanding as people become aware of the significance of gut health. Partnering with a reputable contract manufacturer like Vitalpax is crucial for the success of your prebiotic supplement brand. Prebiotic supplements are becoming more popular as people are becoming increasingly aware

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