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Vitalpax has over 30 years of experience in contract manufacturing and can meet all of your manufacturing requirements. We excel at the production of powders, capsules and tablets – even challenging projects. Our broad assortment of production equipment, leading edge systems, and curated professional expertise give us a true advantage of experience, efficiency and quality to back you up.


Our capsules are made with pure and premium ingredients to provide specific nutrition for consumers’ daily needs. Available in clear capsules, vegetarian capsules, and organic vegetarian capsules.


Tablets are ideal for multivitamin and multi-ingredient formulas, as they can hold much more product within the space of a tablet. This format van also extend the stability and shelf life of your product for a longer period of time.


Our liquid capabilities include extracts, oils, and syrups. Liquid supplements are ideal for faster delivery and absorption, and our custom formulations offer a wide variety of flavors, potencies, and actives to choose from.


Softgels are the best method for oil based formulations, and provide enhanced bioavailability and absorption of active ingredients. Available in gelatin softgels and vegetarian softgels.

Powder Blends

Our powder formulas can offer greater flexibility with dosing and can be mixed into shakes, juices, or liquids. Our premium powders come a wide range of packaging options such as tubs, pouches, sachets, and stick-packs.


Gummy products are chewable supplements that come in a variety of flavors, colors, and shapes. They represent a great combination of tasting good and being easy to chew, while still delivering all of the beneficial component ingredients.


We provide a full selection of micronutrients and functional ingredients for our beverage options. Work with our R&D team to design and develop innovative functional beverages that have optimal color, flavor, stability and consistency.

Stick Packs

Vtalpax offers stick packs and pouches as a natural health product option for on-the-go nutrition. Popular applications are for weight management aids, energy drinks, sports nutrition supplements, vitamin waters or added flavor.

Personal Care

Our diversified manufacturing capabilities to include salves, balms, and other personal care and beauty products – while offering the same promise of providing you the highest quality at the best price.

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