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V Blender

A V blender is a type of mixing equipment that the pharmaceutical industry uses for various blending applications.
The primary reason V Blender mixing is so critical for the pharmaceutical industry is because pharma companies must adhere to strict production and quality standards. There is extensive testing and quality assurance to ensure that all ingredients are thoroughly mixed. V blender mixing ensures the quality of the final product, and our team has skillfully fine-tuned the sample taking methodology involved in this process.

V Blender is one of the most popular options of tumbler blenders that are used in the pharmaceutical, chemical or food or dietary supplement processing industry. Our V Blender setup is equipped with an anti-slip scaffold and motion sensors to ensure the safety of our personnel. Diffusion is the central instrument of V blender mixing, which means that small-scale and random motions blends solid particles. As the movements of the blender increase, the individual particles separate and recombine which supports this diffusive blending.

The actual blend time depends on the type and size of the granules, or what is in your formulation. It may take between 5 and 15 minutes to achieve optimal blending on each batch.
The volume of material added to the blender is what dictates the efficiency of this blending method. For the optimal outcome, experts recommend no more than 50 to 60 percent of the total volume inside the V Blender.



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