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How We're Different



Working with you from start to finish

From ideation to formulation, manufacturing, quality control, packaging, and shipping – we provide full turnkey services to help you build and grow your own supplement brand.

Our mission is to Advance Well-being for our consumers, clients and community by making high-quality, safe, and effective supplements more affordable, convenient, and accessible to all.
Vitalpax President

The Vitalpax Difference

57% Faster Turnaround Time

Don’t wait 6 weeks for your next order. From ideation to production to shipping, our quick turnaround and short lead times will get you selling your brand of supplements 2x faster – all without sacrificing quality and safety.

Small Batch Capabilities

At Vitalpax, we don’t take any business for granted, no matter what size. Whether it’s for a small up-and-coming business or a giant decade-old company, our highly flexible manufacturing operation allows for the fulfillment of both large, uniform orders as well as small batch, custom orders.

Most Competitive Pricing

We know it can be daunting to start your own brand, which is why we offer our products and services at competitive prices to all our customers – at 37% more affordable than our competitor’s. This not only helps establish brands without needing massive investments, but also helps build trust and loyalty as we drive continued growth for our partners.


Complete Turnkey

We are your one-stop partner for all your supplement needs from concept to formulation, manufacturing, quality control, design, packaging, and shipping.

cGMP Facility

Vitalpax maintains compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) to ensure that we fulfill the required standards of quality for neutraceutical products.

Comprehensive Testing

We conduct extensive laboratory testing on state-of-the-art equipment, including High-Performance Liquid Chomatography (HPLC) and Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR).

Research & Development

Our highly experienced R&D staff have formulated hundreds of ready-to-brand and custom products for domestic and international clients.

Custom Formulation

We apply a science-based approach to help our clients design customized nutritional products to meet their unique needs.

Reverse Engineering

Are you looking to improve an existing vitamin formula? Our R&D staff can reverse engineer any existing product or formula in the market.

Quality Control

All dietary supplement formulations are routinely tested through stringent quality control processes to ensure our supplements are effective and safe for distribution in your chosen market.

Ingredient Procurement

With premium-grade ingredients and commitment to exceptional service, we can assure that our supplement products are created with all the excellent resources available to us.

Full Traceability

From seed to shelf, we want our client partners and consumers to know where our supplements come from and how they are made to ensure they are pure, safe, and effective.

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