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COVID-19 Response

Vitalpax is honored to be part of the supplement manufacture industry. The Department of Homeland Security has designated this industry as an essential service. We want to let you know that we are continuing to run all our services at full operation during the COVID-19 crisis.

Vitalpax’s mission is to advance the well-being of our customers, consumers, and colleagues. This mission comes into play even more during these difficult times.

Our Customers and Consumers
In order to ensure we meet the needs of our customers, we have expanded our warehouse facilities and increased our inventory of commodities. We continue to source materials from multiple suppliers to keep a continuous supply. Vitalpax’s standard operating procedures follow strict hygiene protocols that prevent contamination and protect from any illness spreading. You can be confident that your product will be handled with the utmost care, passing on quality to your consumer. We continue to implement these measures as well as adding even higher standards to protect from Covid-19.

Safety of our Colleagues
The heath of our employees is what allows us to keep up the demand from our customers. Beyond the clean measures that were already in place, our facilities now are fully sanitized every day. All our employees are required to wear masks and practice social distancing. We have two separate buildings in our facility. One that houses manufacturing and one for administration. Before entering the manufacturing facility, an employee’s temperature is taken to detect any possible illness.

We will continue to monitor the progression of this pandemic and address any recommendations from the CDC and the Utah Department of Health. Vitalpax will continue to fulfill its mission to provide the best quality health products and advance well-being.

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