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    We serve customers world wide.
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    Product Development

    Our in-house formulations have been developed for an array of health concerns, and these are available to you as options for your private label.
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    Private Label

    Our contacts and knowledge of the industry always keep us at the cutting edge of development.

Vitalpax is your source for manufacturing wellness.

Vitalpax is a family owned business located in beautiful southern Utah.  As a private label supplement and vitamin manufacturer we provide our customers with only the best quality of nutritional products on the market all backed by science. Our manufacturing team is your “go-to” group to get everything you need in order to distribute and sell your line of private label supplements.

Get your customized supplements formulated under the direction of our incredible food scientist and R&D personnel then manufactured, bottled, labeled and shipped all from our place, to yours. Ask us how we can begin to make a difference for your company or brand by reaching out to us today!

While we continue the tradition of our great-grandmothers quest for health we hope that our paths will cross so that together we may pursue a higher course of health and wellness together. Together let’s provide the best quality products for everyone.

Ask us to make your first round of samples today so we can deliver the nutritional proof that we thrive in this creative and healthy environment. Southern Utah is a great place to manufacture dietary supplements and Vitalpax is eager to serve you better and we believe that our knowledge, history, and experience with agriculture give us that cutting edge. It all starts with agriculture or Mother Nature. Without Mother Nature, and the hard working farmers that do their part, we would end up short of obtaining our quest for health!

Health and wellness are absolutely vital for each of us and we hope you will let us put the “Vital” more fully into action on your behalf!

Corporate Culture

Vitalpax culture is essentially based on “how to work together” or “how to work together better” or “working together in harmony”.  Ken Blanchard’s book, Gung Ho inspires and provides Vitalpax with the framework of how we work together as a team and do business with you.

Here at Vitalpax we believe that we are doing worthwhile work. Each of us has a role or a purpose and fills a need which ultimately means we are dedicated to doing our best for our company and yours.  Everyone works toward a shared goal. Trust and putting team members first leads to support for goals.  Goals focus attention productively. Values guide all plans, decisions, and actions.

We set obtainable goals and work as a team for your success. Your success is our success!  We are “in control of achieving the goal” and sometimes this means making changes when necessary or adapting to change as it happens. We have multiple positions within our company, and every employee who fills a position brings a unique or different set of talents that promotes getting the job done adeptly while simultaneously following industry cGMP’s. Our employee’s work hard to promote a corporate culture of quality and everyone’s input is valued. Ours is not a groupthink environment. Vitalpax fosters a multicultural workplace and differences are welcome.  Vitalpax believes in taking care of our employees and customers first, that by investing in this fashion we will create a reciprocal environment of quality.

Last but not least, we believe in making the most of every moment. It is VITAL to us to spread sincere goodness and harmony within our company and with our customers.  We believe in sharing true heartfelt affirmations with our co-workers and customers. “Congratulations are affirmations of who and what people are and that they do matter, and that they are making valuable contributions towards achieving the shared mission.

At Vitalpax we cheer the progress as well as the results, but avoid programmed, blanket, general, or traditional congratulations. We thrive on change and an air of mutual respect and professionalism!