About Us

1Meet the Owners

Vitalpax is a family owned business located in LaVerkin, Utah. The brothers grew up in rural southern Utah where they learned to love and appreciate nature tending large family gardens, caring for ranch animals and wandering the beautiful red hills. Healthy living was a family tradition passed from parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.


Dalyon Ruesch

President, CEO

Dalyon earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Communication from DSU. It was while Dalyon was attending college that his daughter was diagnosed with leukemia at only ten months old. Dalyon’s quest for health became more than just an interest, but a way of life. Dalyon’s daughter is now cancer-free, but diet and personal care still remain top priorities. Dalyon brings to the company several years of manufacturing, marketing, and sales experience within the natural products industry. Dalyon is fluent in Spanish and has established many key relationships with multiple domestic and international corporations. He is thrilled to be the father of five beautiful daughters and is married to the woman of his dreams.


Jacob Ruesch

Vice President, General Manager

Jacob earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from BYU in International Relations and then his MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management. Jacob offers a unique set of management skills and growth strategies to expand the company’s products and services, and has significant experience in sales and marketing management. Growing up with a fair amount of health problems as a child, Jacob used many natural regiments and therapies to treat and overcome them. Jacob is a strong believer in what Vitalpax offers, knowing our products and services help to improve people’s lives around the world.  He is extremely happy as a husband to his wonderful wife Ashley and father to three awesome children.


Ben Ruesch

Legal Counsel, Board Member

Ben is an attorney having earned his bachelor’s degree from Utah Valley University in 2004, then went on to obtain his Juris Doctorate degree from the University of La Verne College of Law in 2009.  Ben manages the legal requirements of Vitalpax, and is a member of the Vitalpax board.  Ben is also currently a board member at a charter school located in Hurricane, Utah.  In both board member positions, he values the role of encouraging others to make smart diet and health related decisions throughout their lives.  He enjoys his family, all sports including football, tennis and basketball, also church and scouting.  He is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish.

2Family Tradition

“My Quest for Health”

Mattie Woodbury Ruesch

Our great-grandmother, Mattie Woodbury Ruesch, was known for her constant pursuit of healthy, natural foods.  In fact, the word “vital” of “Vitalpax” was taken from her vocabulary where she would always speak about seeking “vital” fresh fruits and vegetables, and natural foods in general. For a number of years she ran a juicing business where she juiced fruits and vegetables, for personal use and selling to individuals “who found that the carrot and green juices helped them restore their mental and physical strength”. (Autobiography of Matilda Woodbury Ruesch, January 1966)

Another excerpt from her autobiography explains in her own words why such a quest was so important to her: “I have been very thankful for my discovery through study and personal experience that I have greater vigor and health by selecting and using as natural a diet as possible and maintaining good posture. I find a great deal of truth in H.E. Kirschner’s account of Nature’s Seven Doctors: 1. Fresh air.  2. Good Food.  3. Water.  4. Sunshine.  5. Exercise. 6. Rest.  7. The Mind, Positive Thinking.” (Autobiography, January 1966)

She was a pioneer in her time and advocated passionately for natural foods and a regular healthy diet.  This tradition has been passed on throughout the Ruesch generations to passionately pursue a diet and lifestyle focused on natural, fresh, and healthy foods.