Products & Services

Private Label Filling

The nutraceutical market is extremely competitive. There are many companies to choose from for alternative health or dietary supplements. The difference you will see by using Vitalpax first and foremost is our willingness to take on the difficult projects that others may avoid. We strive to offer the most premium and professional customer service. We strive to be the best we can be in every situation, and in every deal. We pride ourselves on having a team that will guide you and support you from start to finish by working in harmony to achieve your every goal. Our contacts, open-mindedness, and knowledge of the industry inside and out keep us at the cutting edge of development.  All of this experience will, of course, be utilized as we help you develop your brand and products.

Our in-house formulations are available to you as a private label option or let us wow you by creating your very own proprietary custom formulation. We guarantee your good health and overall satisfaction with either option! We offer both toll manufacturing and full turnkey manufacturing for our customers and don’t hesitate to ask us about our product fulfillment options.

R&D – Pre-Production Samples

It all starts in our lab! We have a dedicated Research and Development team that works together on your every formulation to ensure that all of your requirements are satisfactorily met and that every one of your products reaches its maximum efficacy! Whether it’s capsules, powder blends, or liquids in any form, we are happy to customize or formulate something for you that you will be happy with and first in order to do that we want you to be able to: smell, or taste (and see) each finished product in sample form prior to production. Our goal is to give you a product that can pass organoleptic evaluation. We want you to know how important it is to us that we are on the same page with you and diligently on task!


Vitalpax offers encapsulation for our customers. We are familiar with hundreds and perhaps thousands of different types of raw materials or ingredients. We strive to use the highest quality so that only the most salubrious of products end up in distribution. We offer bulk encapsulation where your product is delivered in carefully designed Vitalpax cartons that offer both added protection and quality. We want to be certain that your products arrive in good quality. We’re currently capable of producing a million capsules per day. Private label encapsulation is an enjoyable part of what makes us who we are. Tell us what container you want, what lid you need and we’ll help you get the powder encapsulated, bottled, labeled, accurately lot coded and palletized so that it’s ship ready for you with a job well done.

We offer reasonable minimum orders! Every reasonable project is worth a quote.

Powder Blending

Vitalpax offers powder blending and filling for our customers. We offer bulk powder blending as well as private label bottle filling into small bottles or large tubs. We also fill into stand up pouches that are horizontally sealed! There are several options available for you in this category. Reach out to one of our sales personnel today and get started right away!

Liquid Filling

Vitalpax offers liquid hot or cold fill for our customers by applying several traditional techniques that have been taught to us from parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. We fill juices, juice concentrates, tinctures, oils, or liquid shot size containers. Ask us about getting a free quote for your product(s) today! We offer reasonable minimum orders! Every reasonable project is worth a quote!!

Label Design & Print

We have multiple design or print contacts in the industry who we can refer you if you need help designing a logo, or label, and our legal team will assist to review every label prior to print or production! The same goes for packaging options, and more.  We will be with you every step of the way to ensure all your questions are answered and that your needs are met!

Label Review

We have a legal team that reviews every label for FDA compliance and we will work with you and your team to ensure that there aren’t any inappropriate “structure/function” claims. Our sales and executive personnel will review every detail with our legal team and involve you with any questions as we sort out each and every section together!

Growth Plans

Vitalpax has an aggressive growth strategy. We believe in what we’re doing and we want to do it better than our competitors! We plan to move into multiple segments of this industry. If you have a project that needs better attention then it’s receiving, then please don’t hesitate to speak to one of our executive staff today. We’re excited to expand and diversify and are open minded to growing into expanding our capabilities for you!