What is a Nutritional Supplement?

What is a Nutritional Supplement?

This is the most basic of questions, but a lot of people don’t know what it actually entails. Because we want everyone to have this knowledge, we are going to address it in this week’s blog post.

A Nutritional Supplement is a product that you ingest which contains a dietary ingredient that enriches the nutrients your body receives from foods in your daily diet. The dietary ingredients contained in a Nutritional Supplement may vary.  Some common examples are, a vitamin or mineral, a metabolite, an herb or other botanical, or an amino acid.  Some of these supplements have been known to reduce risk of various diseases.

Also known as a Dietary Supplement, a Nutritional Supplement comes in various forms such as tablets, gel caps, capsules, soft caps, liquids or powders.  Each Supplement must be prepared differently during the production process to ensure quality and effectiveness. It is an important part of the process of manufacturing these supplements.

At Vitalpax, we provide various services to our customers to aid in the production and distribution of Nutritional Supplements.  We offer bulk private label encapsulation to our customers, and are currently able to produce over one million capsules a day!  Isn’t that crazy? With our experience, we are familiar with an abundance of raw materials or ingredients and we ensure only the most healthful products make it into distribution.  We help our customers achieve peace of mind by encapsulating the powder, and ensure it is correctly bottled, labeled, packaged coded and palletized so the products are ready to ship in the highest of quality.  This is a big part of maintaining our integrity.

Additionally, we offer pre-production samples of each finished product before they go into production so that our customers know exactly what they are receiving. Who wants to get something that didn’t come as they thought it would? We also ensure these Supplements can pass an organoleptic evaluation, creating added peace of mind to our end consumers.

As always, if you have any questions about Supplements, our process of encapsulation or anything else please contact us at sales@vitalpax.com for any questions or more details of what we can do for you!


(A portion of this blog reference came from www.FDA.gov)

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